Build Something New Together

Discover and create values-aligned internet communities. Pool capital and talent. Take risks, share upside, and self-govern.Walk the walk—build something new together.

The Way



Find the best projects, the vibrant communities, the worthwhile opportunities; explore and learn about the organizations that matter.



Contribute knowledge and skills, research, code, and capital; set agendas, specify roles; discuss, collaborate, and vote.



Define your mission, your vision, your goals; set the roapmap, gather community, and raise capital; launch, govern, and execute.


What is Fabric?

Fabric is an evolving platform for community discovery, participation, and creation.

What can I do on Fabric?

Create Communities with About, Roadmap, and FAQ pages.

Kickstart conversations, organize, and coordinate action with Forum discussions.

Post progress reports and run community polls with Updates.

Self-govern with Proposals and cryptographically signed votes.

Find and follow people in the community with the Members directory.

Stay up to date with a Feed of all the activity from your communities.

How does Fabric benefit communities?

The current stack of community tooling makes it hard to track updates and changes, and to establish context for making important decisions.

As a result, member engagement is often reduced and transient.

Fabric separates the signal from the noise and aggregates the most relevant information in a single place, keeping members informed and involved.

How does Fabric benefit members?

No more noise, no more spam; easily track real activity across all of the organizations you belong to. Customize your profile, track community contributions, build your reputation.

Where are the organizations?

The communities on Fabric are private, while we build out the platform. In time, we will begin featuring the most active and engaged communities here on the homepage.

Can I run my DAO on Fabric?


Who created Fabric?

Fabric was founded by Jonny Mack, Dan Simpson, and Chris Douglas.

Our investors include Polychain, Eniac, Mischief, and Reverie.

How can I get in touch?

Send us an email.