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@Christopher Douglas @Justin Voorhees any updates? the previews look amazing. would love to see some progress photos and get a delivery date nailed down.

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Reel Gems
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I love the last one in this series. The colors and aesthetic are noisy and grainy and very physical feeling, but at the same time screen-native with the pixelation and bit-smashing going on. Which feels like the right visual metaphor for what Reel Gems is all about.



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I like the weird B more. The internet needs to B more weird (again). Don't B mad.


@Christopher Douglas @Justin Voorhees any updates? Please post mockups and process photos to the thread.

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20221104 C4 Notes

Nov 05, 2022
Jonny Mack

Jonny Mack


Besides the hot-fixes mentioned here, this is what we got done in Cycle 4, which ran from Monday, Oct 17 to Friday, Nov 4 (3 Weeks).

  • Deployed v1 of the ████████████ contract to testnet

  • Completed v2 of the ████████████ contract

  • Reviewed contract with technical advisors

  • Scheduled contract auditing

  • Designed and documented contract deployment protocol

  • Sourced and hired writer and filmmaker

  • Completed first drafts of script, treatment, and production schedule

  • Presented to ██████████ executive team and board re: partnership. (Received strong positive signals and will be moving forward with contracts/legal review)

  • EVM event log consumption

  • Designed RBAC user interface and interactions

  • Made good progress on standalone ████████████ user interface and interactions

  • Made good progress on Fabric branding and marketing

Sorry for the cryptic release notes, we’ll share more once what we’re working on is ready for launch.



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@Azeni thanks so much for the thoughtful feedback! Lots to digest. Team will sync and review in more detail. Will add/update our new features and improvements queue. 🙌